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Stefano Battaglia piano solo

Stefano Battaglia piano solo

- 1 hora e 15 minutos.
leme Escola de Artes e Ofícios

13 Abr


“For years I have tended to simplify, to aspire to a ‘de-idiomisation’ of the musical universe, and particularly to imagine music as a universal metalanguage, a place which is genuinely without boundaries, not just in words but in fact, where my music or others’music does not exist, solely music.” Stefano Battaglia is a famous and well-known worldwide pianist and one of the most important musician of ECM record. He’s a fine artist and his work is always leaning to constant search of new musical dimensions, new goal and a deep sound. At the sime time, he’s characterized by lightness, incisive vibrations and originality. In “Piano solo” he hasn’t no limits and he always explores new ideas and repertoire to give life and freedom at his expressive skills, as an excellent improviser and high composer what is him. He has different project for different sounds under the piano solo genre, like Musica Salva, Illuminations, Cantico, Piano Portraits to express all his rich musical experience and his artistic choices. A performance full of illuminations, of passages inspired by extra-musical subject, of music saves from conditioning and filters like a precise creative ray that aims to give light or simply to remember people, places and events. In this way, Stefano Battaglia becomes narrator, music philosopher to bring his public through a travel always different, personal, intimate and insightful.

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